My paintings has mysterious powers.


I have been meeting various people from different countries,

and they give me inquiries that say


“I want to decorate my room with fancy interiors”


“I want my new house to be decrorated

gorgeously with a rich atmosphere!”


“I wish to have a painting that

brings me luck for my wedding memories, ”



However due to my paintings which has mysterious powers, my paintings had been achieving all their wishes every time.


I have been creating those magical paintings in more than 43 different coutires.


As you can see on the attached photos, my paintings could affect and create the atmosphere of the entire room.



Just frame the picture after you received the artwork,  and it’s done!

The artwork will be sent to you in a roll with a fully cared packing.


Regarding the frame, I decided for the customers to select and purchase it themselves.


This is because the frames affects the painting’s mood, and it is better for the customers to chose the frame and the mood that matches the atmosphere of the room.


You can easily purchase the frames in the internet, or they might sell frames in big shopping centers and in art supply shops too.




Greeting from one of the clients

In the past, I have recived a email from one client, which said


■from State of New York/George


“Dear ZiN,

I have recieved your artwork, and it was magnificent!

The moment I opened the package, my heart started to dance with joy!

I could gaze the painting for hours without getting board.

I have been waiting and being excited to have the artwork

in my hand, but it was above my expectations!

Me and my children are all amazed with the perfectly completed quality.

I had the frames already so I set it on the wall immidiately.

Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful painting,

and next time in near future, I would definitely want to by the original artwork, if possible.”


If you see the artwork in your hand,

you will know how my artwork is perfectly done and created.


The reproduction of the SHIRONOZOU is the same as the original


SHIRONOZOU is one of he most popular artworks of my repertoire.


Once a man wanted the original version, but this original version is already sold to a CEO of a company. I am affraid that there are no longer the original one.


At the same time, my artwork is sold in the price of at least 1,200,000 yen (about 12,000 USD) and the price is increasing every year by the needs from the customers.


And as a painter, I learned and now know the way to increase the price of my artwork by my experiences of selling the artwork to various people. So unfrotunately, the price of my artwork will still keep on increasing.


However, I understand that, with this price, only the rich people could purchase my artwork…


But luckily, I know a great technology that will solve this problem and which could spread my artwork to more people who actually want it.

I solve this problem by using the cutting edge technology called the “Giclee”


Please see the attached photos.

Photo 1

Photo 2

These two photos are photos of the original artwork

and reproduced artwork.


The first photo is the original,

and the second one is the reproduction.


The Original


The Original


The Original


If you see these two in front of you,

how close you see the artwork, you can not tell the difference.

※There is the reflection of the acrylic glass on the photo, but by using the glass frame, you can see the artwork more clearly

By using this cutting edge technology,

it is possible to reproduce a completely same artwork

as the original one in 10% of the original price, which

usually cost more than 15,000 USD.


Only 1200 USD for 100 people

Usually I sell the reproduction od the SHIRONOZOU for 1500 USD.

But this time I will specially send this to 100 people who is reading the ZiNARTMUSEUM with 1200 USD!


My artwork has value, even if it is a reproduction.


Why I have this much confidence is because


In every countries that I traveled, people looked surprised and amazed by seeing my artwork.

“Wonderful! Are you really using paints to paint make this?”



Even though I have travelled all around the world, I am confident that no one else in the world could create an artwork filled with the world that I make.


I am planning to only sell 100 peices of the SHIRONOZOU, and no more.


So if you are willing to purchase the artwork, please make your decision quickly.


You can purchase from the link below



If your have problems or worried about paying using paypal,

please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address written below.


(It may take more than one month for delivery, due to shipping from Japan)